12 week Fat Loss results


If  I'm going to speak about healthy lifestyle choices, then I'm going to have to prove that this works! There is no better proof than my pictures. The results of my 12 week Fat Loss Experiment speak for themselves.


I have taken everything that I have learned about food and nutrition over the last 5 years or so and mucked about with it until I found something that worked for me. There is no reason why this won't work for you. 

I have heard ( and used ) every excuse... 

I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING.. you definitely have not

MY HORMONES.. any hormonal imbalance will make the process harder.. not impossible


MY GENES.. as above.. this will make the process harder, not impossible.. it's easy to place blame somewhere else 

BUT I EAT HEALTHY.. this is subjective and doesn't always relate to weight loss.. it's more about learning the science and manipulating the calories 

I DON'T HAVE TIME.. absolute bullshit.. we're all busy and will make time if we want it enough

IT'S TOO HARD.. it's hard yes however, change is always difficult.. but worth it

SO.. if you're done with all the excuses.. and want to change your body shape.. get in touch!

T: 07895 907161

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