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Me.. so far.. 

January 2019 - July 2019


Fat Loss: 19lbs 

Dress Size: 16 to a 12 

Chest: 4" smaller

Waist: 3.5" smaller 

Hips: 3.5" smaller 



CrossFit 1298 Falkirk 

This is where I coach CrossFit and where I run CrossFit Kids & Teens. CrossFit1298 is the only CrossFit Box in Falkirk and has been established for over 3 years.

Everyone is welcome in our Box.

You can find out more information about CrossFit 1298 by visiting their website or Facebook  

Group Training

Training - with your friends! 

The same service, care and encouragement as my 1-2-1 package but you get to work out with your peers, colleagues or friends. Targets are still set, goals are still achieved - there's nothing like a bit of friendly competition to keep you motivated!

Sessions are capped at 8 people to allow for individual coaching and goals to be achieved! 

T: 07895 907161

Online Coaching Services

I'd like to see us all staying active and having fun during this weird time. We need to do what we can with what we have which is why I have spent some time creating my on-line coaching programme.


My aim is to keep you moving while giving you direction and structure with your training and  to provide a sense of routine - which I feel is very much needed right now! 

I want you to get the most out of the effort that you put in. I am very much a people person and strongly believe that if I teach you everything that I know, you will gain enough knowledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life!

I run two online coaching options: 

Group based coaching

Price: £9 per month

What's included: 

- Group training x 2 per week 

- Nutrition guidance 

- Example meal plans 

- Recipes 

- Unlimited access to gym and home based workouts 

- A supportive group of people like you, ready to share your WINS

If you like being part of a group whilst gaining and showing support this is definitely the option for you

Focus on YOU!

Price: £45 per month

- Everything above

- Personalised training programme designed around your goals

- Access to me with 1-1 support  

If you prefer 1-1 support and coaching with a personal touch then this is the right option!


1-2-1 Sessions

Per Month 

Sessions        Cost 

4                     £85

8                     £150

12                   £210

16                   £270

PAYG             £35 per session

Group Sessions

Per Member 

Group             Cost 

2                     £17

3                     £13

4                     £11

5                     £10

6-8                  £9

CrossFit Kids

Per Child/Teenager 

Sessions              per month

1 per week           £14

2 per week           £25

unlimited              £34 

Kids 5-11 / Teens 11- 16

PAYG                   £4 per session

Online Coaching

Per Month 

Starts at £9


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